Things we miss.

Well hello all. About 20 years ago a Twitcher (explain later) said to me it takes about 10 years to tell the difference between a Sedge Warbler and a Garden Warbler. Well 10 years later I'm still learning, but I can tell the difference between a Song Thrush and a Mistle Thrush. So what is this blog all about. The aim is to highlight the "things we miss" in our busy day to day lives.

An example. Three weeks ago whilst travelling along the A27 from Worthing to Arundel a Sparrowhawk flew in front of me like a rocket and made a beeline for a docile Wood Pigeon in an Oak tree. The Hawk crashed into the tree like a wave breaking on the beach. The Wood Pigeon got away with it and the Sparrowhawk flew away empty handed no hearty meal this time.

Oh well that's all for now folks. I'll blog later if I spot anything and let you know the "Things we miss" sometimes.

Adult Sparrowhawk Adult Wood Pigeon

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